Appointment Reminder Templates

How to setup Different types of Appointment Reminders, Follow ups and Initial Booking Notifications

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Need to Remind yourself, your Staff, or other People you frequently interact with about a upcoming Meeting or Event? No need to enter Phone numbers into your Calendar Events, simply use Keywords as shortcuts.

This video will show you how to set up your templates and Greminders.

A template is what tells the system what you want sent to your client and at what time.

Looking at your homepage of Greminders you will click the little cog wheel in the upper right hand of your screen this will bring you to your admin screen.

All of your options are on the left side toolbar to set up a template you'll want to click templates there are three different types of templates you have a reminder a follow-up and an initial booking.

All these reminders accounts come with a 24-hour reminder template let's click on this template and I can show you how these work.

This is a reminder template you can choose whether to send an SMS email or phone and you can also choose when to send it we're going to change this one to two hours prior to the appointment.

You can see that there's many options to choose from you can also edit the body of your message you can cut and paste or add to any of this text.

Just remember that these double bracketed bits of information will pull directly from your information you can have as many templates as you would like so we're going to click Save on this template you can now see it's a reminder two hours prior to start time you can also set up an initial booking template that will send a message as soon as you book you can see SMS immediately this can also be changed you can also change this a little differently and it just this is the body of your message or a follow up and you can once again edit this to say anything you want just remember put a phone number or an email address depending on the type of reminder you are using into your Google Calendar appointment and our system will do the rest! That's it you're ready to go!