Initial Appointment Scheduling with Conflict Checking

Using GReminders, attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries can check for conflicts of interest during the initial appointment scheduling process. Adding custom questions to the scheduling calendar and sending personal reminders to key staff automates the process and avoids wasted time and money.

Setting up Questions in Your Event Type

Set up Questions

When setting up your event type, include a series of questions to help you determine if you may have a conflict of interest representing the potential client. Make sure to begin each custom question with a plus sign (+) that will be used later in the reminder. You can determine which questions will be required or optional during setup.

Setting up Reminders to Send to Staff

Setup Personal Reminders

Next, set up a personal reminder (found under your profile menu) attorneys, paralegals, and other staff will receive to check for conflicts.

  1. Select Initial Booking as the purpose.
  2. Select Custom Criteria and indicate the event title or type.
  3. Select Email and send Immediately after Appointment Creation.
  4. Include a subject line to get attention.
  5. Include a couple of lines of code (below) that will help highlight the questions and answers.
  6. Add up to 10 email addresses of staff and colleagues.

Setting up the Message

You want your staff to scan the information from the scheduled appointment quickly and easily without missing any details. However, if you just included the variable, “event.description” the information in your automated Email would be hard to read. Therefore, by adding a very small snippet of Liquid Template code to your message, you will change…

This –

Thomas Jones Mobile number is:   13035551212 ======================  Nicknames: (if any) Tom   Other names: (if any) None   Spouse’s Name: Linda   Spouse’s Maiden Name or Other Names: Nelson   Spouse’s nicknames: (if any) None   Spouse’s Address: (if different) 123 Main, Lincoln, NE 68504   Opposing parties’ names: none   Associated persons or entities: Michael Jones

To This –

Thomas Jones Mobile number is:   13035551212 ======================  

Nicknames: (if any) Tom   

Other names: (if any) None   

Spouse’s Name: Linda   

Spouse’s Maiden Name or Other Names: Nelson   

Spouse’s nicknames: (if any) None   

Spouse’s Address: (if different) 123 Main, Lincoln, NE 68504   

Opposing parties’ names: none   

Associated persons or entities: Michael Jones

Here’s the Liquid Template Code, just copy and paste into your personal reminder template:

{% assign info = event.description | split: "+" %}

{% for detail in info %}
{{ detail }}
{% endfor %}

There will likely be more questions attorneys and their staff will need to ask clients as they begin a relationship with them, but at least apparent conflicts will be found before the initial meeting. This can save both time and money and all of this is accomplished automatically during initial appointment scheduling.

Please note: you can use this workflow in conjunction with GReminders Custom Questions as well.

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