Why can’t the Appointment Reminder SMS messages come from my Mobile Number?

Currently when GReminders, SMS Appointment Reminder Service, sends SMS Messages to your end customers reminding them of upcoming Appointments or follow up messages the number we send from is typically a dedicated phone number associated with your account.

Many ask, why can’t we just send messages from MY mobile number?

For example, if your number is 510-555-5555 and your dedicated GReminders number is 510-777-7777 we will send these SMS Reminders using the 510-777-7777 number. But why can’t you just send it from 510-555-5555?

The reason is Carrier Spoofing. Carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc…) don’t want to open themselves up to spoofing. Spoofing is when you are able to send a message and pretend it’s coming from a different number. Imaging someone impersonating your child and sending a distress text to you, that would be bad, right? Thus, carriers lock this down pretty well and don’t allow anyone or any service to send on your behalf, even if it’s legit.

So our solution is to give you a dedicated phone number in your Area code. All calls made to this number will automatically be forwarded to the phone number you put in your Profile. All SMSs will also be forwarded there along with another email confirmation to your email to make sure you received it.

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