FERPA and COPPA Privacy Policy and Notice

Usage of Services by Children Under 13

Individuals under the age of 13 are only permitted to use our Services if they have created an account under the supervision of their parent, guardian, or a school educator. Any usage of our Services by individuals under 13 without this supervision is strictly prohibited. If you are a school or educator in the United States and intend for your students to utilize our Services, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with both the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA") and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, along with its associated regulations (collectively referred to as “COPPA”).

FERPA Compliance

To the extent that GReminders may have access to “education records” as defined by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Acts of 1974 and its associated regulations (“FERPA”), we are considered and will function as a “school official” with “legitimate educational interests” when fulfilling our obligations under this Agreement. Both parties acknowledge that you, the Customer, maintain “direct control” over the use of “education records” as per the definitions outlined in FERPA. GReminders agrees to adhere to its obligations under FERPA, including, but not limited to, the restrictions on re-disclosure of personally identifiable information from education records, as stipulated in FERPA, and in accordance with the terms outlined below.

This means that you, the Customer, must inform the parents or guardians of the students about the personally identifiable information that you will collect and share with us. Prior to your students signing up or using our Services, you must obtain parental or guardian consent. During this consent process, you must also provide parents or guardians with a copy of our Privacy Policies. It is your responsibility to maintain records of all obtained consents and provide them to us upon request. Furthermore, you are responsible for verifying the parent-student relationship and ensuring compliance with the parental right to review personal information provided by the child. To meet these requirements, you must request and provide GReminders with a data subject request for the aforementioned data, or any requested changes to this data by the parent, and furnish the data to the parent following verification of the parent-student relationship.

If you are situated outside the United States, GReminders will rely on you, the Customer, to secure any necessary consents or approvals from the parent or guardian of any student, as required by similar laws. As a condition of your use of our Services and your students' use of our Services, you are obligated to comply with these laws.

You should further read our Privacy Policy for general Privacy policies. Should you have any questions or require further clarification regarding these requirements, please email to: [email protected].

Last Updated: Sept 15, 2023